Brooch Bouquets

Brooch Bouquets

Brooch Bouquet by Designing Dreams. Click to view larger.

About Brooch Bouquets
A Brooch Bouquet is made up of a variety of vintage pieces of jewelry. I can customize it to reflect your wedding style, color scheme, and personality. Each bouquet is unique with one of as kind pieces of vintage jewelry that I found picked up over time.

Benefits of a Brooch Bouquet
  • Your bouquet won't die a few days after your wedding like a fresh flower bouquet. Your bouquet can be kept in your home as decoration for the rest of your life serving as a keepsake and a constant reminder in your home of the happiest day of your life.
  • Your brooch bouquet is truly a family heirloom as it can be handed down to your daughter or grandaughter to walk down the aisle with one day. 
  • The pieces in the bouquet are brooches, earrings, rings, charms, and other vintage jewelry that I have added to my collection over time. You can choose to use my pieces or provide your own that have been handed down family heirlooms. You can ask your friends and family to each bring a piece of their own to your bridal shower. If you choose to provide some of your own pieces, I can discount the cost of the bouquet.



Brooch Bouquets
     Extra Small - Up to 40 pieces - $250. Nice size for a bridesmaid bouquet.
     Small- Up to 50 pieces - $350
     Medium- Up to 75 - $525. Most Popular!
     Large Up to 100 pieces - $700
     Extra Large - More than 100 pieces - $875

Shell Bouquets
     Simple Style
          Small Shell Bouquet - $100
          Large Shell Bouquet - $200
     Fancy Style
          Extra Small Shell Bouquet - $200
          Small Shell Bouquet - $250
          Medium Shell Bouquet - $375
          Large Shell Bouquet - $500
          Extra Large Shell Bouquet - $625

Cake Toppers

     Small Cake Topper - $140
     Medium Cake Topper - $280
     Large Cake Topper - $320

Other Items
     Boutonniere - $50
     Custom High Heels covered in vintage jewelry - $500
     Custom Small Wedding Purse covered in vintage jewelry $400

Brooch Bouquet by Designing Dreams. Click to view larger

Brooch Bouquet by Designing Dreams. Click to view larger

If you want to drool over some incredible brooch bouquet inspiration photos, check out my board on Pinterest


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